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Combo Killer

2012-07-03 16:12:01 by carlytoon

Yeah! I just came up with a new game!

Combo Killer is a game made in month and a half, in this game you are special killer that only kills to get combos with the only objective of reach the 200 combo record. In this i have used flash develop and a game library that i wrote by myself.

Thanks to OctoEntandre, ShadowFlight777 for the music, i truly recommend you hear they songs:
OctoEntandre Songs
ShadowFlight777 Songs

Feel free to play it XD

Even if botsi wasn't the popular game on the internet, I just gonna try to do a new game. In the next days I will try to do a game library centered in platform games, and I will try to optimize my code and make more complex engines. So superation is my first objective this time :D